Intermediate Yoga Poses

Intermediate Yoga Poses


TIME: 60 Minutes

QUALITY: Calming and Grounding

After a challenging day, a full-hour practice is an ideal way to smooth the transition to your personal or family time and be able to be fully present. This is the perfect happy hour, and includes cleansing twists, flowing sun salutations, grounding standing poses, fun inversions, heart-opening backbends, the coolest cooldown, and mindfulness meditation.

1 Earth Witness Meditation Pose

2 Cleansing Breath Pose

3 Tibetan Sun Salutation Pose

4 Thread the Needle Pose

5 Downward-Facing Dog Pose

6 Standing Forward Bend Pose

7 Full Sun Salutation Pose with Crescent Moon Pose instead of Low Lunge, 2 rounds

Happy Hips Vinyasa (right side)

8 Warrior I Pose

9 Humble Warrior Pose

10 Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose

11 Warrior Goddess Pose

12 Warrior II Pose

13 Peaceful Warrior Pose

14 Repeat Happy Hips Vinyasa, left side

15 Mountain Pose

16 Tree Pose

17 Eagle Pose

Revolved Vinyasa (right side)

18 High Lunge Pose

19 Revolved Extended Angle Pose

20 Revolved Half Moon Pose

Intermediate Yoga Poses Photo Gallery

21 Standing Split Pose

22 Seated Spinal Twist Pose

23 Repeat Revolved Vinyasa, left side

24 Half Boat Pose

25 Boat Pose

26 Side Crow Pose

27 L-Shaped Handstand Pose

28 Dolphin Pose

29 Forearm Stand Pose

30 Hero’s Pose Pose

31 Locust Pose

32 Bow Pose

33 Half Wheel Pose

34 King Pigeon Pose

35 Supine Pigeon Pose

36 One-Leg Side Stretch Pose

37 Bound Angle Pose

38 Straddle Forward Bend Pose

39 Goddess Pose

40 Happy Baby Pose

41 Legs Up the Wall Pose

42 Alternate Nostril Breath Pose

43 Cultivating Compassion Meditation Pose

44 Deep Relaxation Pose

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