Kegel Exercises For Pregnant

Kegel Exercises For Pregnant

Lastly the etheric body itself forms a bridge between these higher energies and the physical plane. The upper chakras receive the energy of the vision and pass it through to the lower chakras, resulting in ‘right action’ or action that has its origin not only in the soul but in alignment with planetary purpose itself. Thus is the antahkarana built from the heights into the depths, creating a descending pillar of fire which works itself out upon the physical plane. The crown and base chakras are the lower equivalent in man to the Registrants of the Purpose and the Custodians of the Will.

The kundalini energy stored in the base awaits this alignment before rising to provide the energy needed to carry out the higher Purpose.

We are not far enough along the path of planetary evolution and initiation for this lowest centre and store of planetary kundalini to be revealed.

We are at the stage where the lower section of the antahkarana between Hierarchy and Humanity can be and is being built, with the resultant inflow of the energy of planetary purpose into the mind of Humanity. This inflow will naturally result through time in the working out of this purpose upon the physical plane.

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