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Scientific research shows that practicing yoga regularly will significantly improve your immune system, strengthen the body, delay the effects of ageing and improve your beauty. To stay agile, flexible and youthful there is no better tonic than a regular yoga exercise plan. As a yoga practitioner and teacher with over 30-years experience, I can definitely testify to the fact that yoga has helped many people deal with ailments, and illnesses, as well keeping people fit and healthy. But more importantly, yoga is fun and if you practise it regularly I guarantee that you will see dramatic improvements to your heath and wellbeing, and combined with a healthy diet, practising yoga will significantly improve your overall health. Here are a few of my favourite postures which I highly recommend you master for improved health and longevity.

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Practicsing Mayurasana will tone the muscles, strengthen the arms and spine, increase stamina and build confidence.

To perform, kneel on the floor, keep the arms straight and hands on the floor pointing inwards.

Stretch legs behind you (knees slightly bent as if you are about to propel yourself forward), lower the body down so that the weight falls on the arms.

Inhale and push the body forward and lift both legs keeping them together. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Increase the length of time so you can hold for 5-minutes as you advance in practice.

This ancient pose is a complete health tonic for the body as it increases stamina, confidence and energy levels. It also rejuvenates the whole body and helps expel toxins accumulating in the major organs and chakras. Sheer-shasana also helps to prevent hair loss, dramatically improves the lustre of the skin and helps fight against ageing. To perform, interlock the fingers together. Place the top part of your head onto the hands between your elbows. Inhale deeply and slowly lift your legs up. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, breathing through the nose and not the mouth.

To stay agile, flexible and youthful there is no better tonic than a regular yoga exercise plan Practising this asana will instil your body with all the benefits of performing Sheershasana. You will also dramatically strengthen the elbows, wrists and knees. The brain is also energised and the internal organs will be massaged, which expel toxins and improves the immune system.

To perform, bring your body into Sheershasana. Now slowly move the legs over your head. You can bring the base of the feet to rest on the skullcap or you can leave them slightly touching. Breathe slowly when in this posture to avoid toppling.

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