Mat Pilates Exercises

Mat Pilates Exercises

The first meeting was emotionally rough. I went into it thinking that if I lost about 25 pounds I’d be happy. Jerzy took my measurements and pictures from all angles in a bathing suit and told me I should lose 60 pounds. Boy, was I shocked! I didn’t think it was realistic to lose that much weight. A funny thing happened, though: the pounds started coming off, and that goal no longer seemed so far-fetched.

The Happy Body diet is really quite easy to follow. I’ve come to love my hemp bread with egg whites in the mornings and don’t miss the old cereal, bagels, muffins I used to eat. But you do have to follow the whole program. It’s all scientifically based, and if you follow their plan you absolutely lose weight.

The exercise component of their program was a little harder for me. I have always loved doing cardio workouts and was doing a cardio “boot camp” when I started with them. They strongly discouraged me from continuing with it. I quit, and as the months went on, I heard more and more about friends with early arthritis, back pains, and knee problems from overuse and training. I came to accept what the Gregoreks teach about strength, flexibility, and creating a Happy Body as opposed to a broken, tired one.

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At certain intervals, Jerzy again takes measurements and bathing suit pictures and has you compare your latest pictures side by side with your old ones. It’s amazing to look at the differences and a great motivation to keep going.

As of now I’ve lost 23 pounds, and I definitely feel much better than when I started.

I still have a ways to go, but I finally have a solid plan and the confidence that I can and will do it. I can’t wait to buy new clothes when I reach my goal. Thank you Jerzy and Aniela.

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