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Choose a card from the deck when you need a reminder to love yourself.

This deck has 50 healing art images with messages of how to love yourself on the back of each card.

The message other work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love. Rita began to paint healing art in 1996, as a way to cope with chronic illness and depression. Is she painted, her art and her creative process became her teacher, healer and friend, guiding her to find the true meaning of self-love.

She writes about this experience and more in her book entitled, Unconditional Pilates Exercises Self-Love: What It Is, Why It’s Important and How to Nurture It in Your Life.

See more sample deck cards and other nurturing products by Rita Loyd on her website.

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FORGIVE YOURSELF Pilates Exercises Forgive your mistakes. Forgiveness is made easier when we can understand the reasons behind our mistakes, when we can understand how our state of mind, how our state of health and how the state of our life influenced our judgment. Mistakes are a part of life and they help us to grow when we choose to team from them.

Believe that you are a capable person. Believe that you are an intelligent person. Don’t let the doubt that others may have in you affect the way you see yourself. Know that there is great potential inside of you to do great thing* as you continue to learn and grow and your future in a way that it hopeful, encouraging, confident, trusting and positii-e. See the potential: for your life, for healing, for success and for love. Think of how you can see yourself and your future in a loving wayi today.

Each month, our very own editor and yoga expert. Yogi Dr Malik will answer your questions relating to yoga.

A few hours after eating, my stomach always feels bloated. Can you recommend any yoga techniques to help with my digestion?

It could be you are just overeating and/or eating the wrong foods. Incorporate a standard yoga exercise session at least once a week to help you combat such conditions, because you will be stretching and bending, your stomach muscles will receive a natural inner massage. This in turn will help your muscles and the digestive system expel any excess air, bloating and the like. I suggest that you join a yoga class and make yoga a serious part of your lifestyle, as a one-off exercise is not a quick fix solution

I’ve been thinking of becoming a vegetarian for a long time and I was inspired after reading last month’s article on Veganuary. I have tried to stop eating meat before and failed. I’m serious about my yoga, but am I wrong to eat meat when it goes against the first of the yamas, Ahimsa – not harming other living beings? Pete

Hi Pete,

This is controversial and there is never an easy way around this. All I can suggest is that you continue with your yoga exercise and lifestyle for now (even if you are finding it difficult to give up meat eating). Indeed as time progresses the natural inclination of the body and mind to eat meat will decline as you move deeper into your practice. There are many people including yoga teachers that eat meat and practise yoga who are not aspiring to enlightenment -but are choosing to practise to maintain their health and fitness for many other reasons. Don’t worry too much -just be. It’s better to do some yoga and be a meat eater than do none at all.

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