Medicine-Ball Moves To Tone Your Whole Body

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It’s official, exercising today will help you stay youthful into old age. In a study at Ball State University in the US, scientists compared the physical health of a group of over 70s who’d been exercising for decades, with a group of over 70s who’d been sedentary; and with healthy 20-somethings. On average, the active over-70s exercised five days a week, for about seven hours in total. Results showed that the hearts, lungs and muscles of the active over-70s were in equivalent shape to those of people in their 40s. The researchers say that 30-45 minutes of exercise a day is the key, whether it’s walking or pumping weights.

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GuideRails system, these realty well-cushioned shoes help stabilise your knees.


Gait not perfect? These boast a J-Frame design to support and gently guide your foot, plus plenty of cushioning, and are now more breathable, too.


Marvin Burton, Anytime Fitness* expert PT ‘Take your TRX everywhere, so it’s there whenever you get a chance to use it – it weighs less than 2kg. Make sure you vary your workout position – try kneeling, standing, side-facing, lying face-down and lying face-upwards to work your body in a variety of ways. Play with the angle t of your body to change the difficulty of the exercises and vary putting your feet and hands in the straps to help focus on different parts of your body. As a bonus, all TRX exercises work your core, as you have to stop yourself from rotating.’


Know someone with high blood pressure? Make sure they know that following an exercise programme can help ease the condition. Researchers from institutions across Europe and the US studied data from 194 clinical trials on antihypertensive drugs and their impact on systolic pressure, and another 197 clinical trials on the effect of structured exercise on blood-pressure measurements. They found that, in people with high blood pressure, exercise was as effective as most bloodpressure-lowering medication in lowering blood pressure. Time to help with workout motivation!

How much further cyclists went when in a group, compared to going solo. Runners went 26% further.


Trying to navigate while cycling can be pretty tricky, not to mention dangerous. Not so with Blubel. This clever device, which looks a bit like a classic cycle bell on your handlebars, uses your phone’s sat-nav technology to give you clear audio and visual signals, allowing you to keep your phone safely in your pocket or bag. Just type your destination into the supporting app (it finds safe routes anywhere in the world and you can save favourite journeys) and follow the lights on the weather- and shock-proof bell, which indicate which way to go. An audio signal also prompts you when turns are coming up; and if you fake a wrong turn, it’ll quickly recalculate. £79;

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