New variations on Traditional Pilates Classes are Mixing up The Way Practitioners Work Out

New variations on Traditional Pilates Classes are Mixing up The Way Practitioners Work Out

First there was Yogilates. Then came Piloxing and Zumbalates. Now there’s a new generation of innovative fusion classes, designed for special populations or students just looking to mix it up. Whether you prefer your sessions original recipe or extra spicy, these evolutions are more evidence of Pilates’ continued popularity.

New variations on Traditional Pilates Classes are Mixing up The Way Practitioners Work Out Photo Gallery

Fusion oF: Pilates + chair fitness

WHAT iT iS: The class is performed on the Begin Chair™, an exercise ball set in a stable frame, so it safely adds a touch of instability to moves.

WHAT İNSPİRED iT: Veteran Pilates teacher Maria Mankin developed Grace for people with limited mobility after her elderly mother struggled to get up from a chair. She designed Pilates-based moves that could be performed on the Begin Chair, which was developed in collaboration with Balanced Body.

WHERE TO FİND iT: At Begin Pilates in Portland, OR; the Begin Chair and a chart with exercises are available at ($499).

Chaise fitness

Fusion Of: Pilates + ballet + strength training + aerobics

WHAT iT iS: This fast-paced class utilizes the MVE Fitness Chair (a lightweight version of the Wunda Chair from Peak Pilates) as well as a proprietary overhead Bungee System. Performed standing, sitting and lying sideways with upbeat music to inspire students, the moves target every muscle group.

WHAT İNSPİRED iT: Mother-and-daughter duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin drew on their background in Pilates, figure skating and ballet for a class that offers the benefits of Pilates along with a cardio component and fun music. WhERE To Find iT: Chaise Fitness in New York City. Franchise opportunities are available (

POP Pilates

Fusion of: Pilates + ’80s aerobics classes

WHAT iT iS: Designed for students of all fitness levels, POP Pilates blends a flowing mat workout and top-40 hits.

WHAT İNSPİRED iT: Pilates teacher and YouTube personality Cassey Ho created POP to add an upbeat vibe and boost of energy to mat classes. WhERE To Find iT: Classes are offered at 24 Hour Fitness clubs across the country (; or try the Pop Pilates DVD at home ($14.99;

Reform & Rebound

Fusion Of: Reformer Pilates + mini trampoline

WHAT iT iS: Pumping music motivates clients as they alternate high- intensity cardio on the rebounder with segments on the Reformer, where they work on core, arm and upper-body strength.

WHAT İNSPİRED iT: By coupling cardio and Reformer exercises, Beyond’s founder Brandi Marino helped students overcome fitness plateaus.

WHERE iT’S oFFEREd: The Beyond Studios, with three locations in Dallas area (


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