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Ashtanga-yoga – preparation and meditation

The next three elements of the eight practices could be put under the heading of Preparation of body and mindfor meditation. They are the second group, dealing with asana, pranayama and pratyahara. Their common function is to bring the yogi into a calm, absorbed state of mind. There are just three verses regarding the first element asana – body pose (II.46-48) They state that the yogi should find a stable and comfortable sitting position, which in effect allows him to forget his body and concentrate on meditation. There is no description of how exactly this pose is to be performed.

When the body is steady and undisturbed, the next element can commence: pranayama -breath control. By slowing down the breath significantly with long periods of holding the breath the body and mind relaxes. A sense of quietness emerges. Now the third and final preparatory element commences: sense withdrawal – pratyahara. All external sense inputs are ignored. This is very much a trance: all attention is withdrawn from the yogi’s environment and focused on internal experiences.

Pay attention to your body. If you are feeling weak New yoga poses for weight loss or dizzy, or just need a break, this pose is perfectly acceptable position to move New yoga poses for weight loss into at any time. In any class you may move into this position for a break without one needing to be called for. Conclusion I hope you enjoyed Yoga. Essential Yoga Poses for Taking Control Over Your Mind and I hope that you will use this book to reach your full potential. There are so many aspects to yoga that aren’t explored in this book, but hopefully it has whet your appetite to go on just such an adventure. Yoga is a tool that can help strengthen your body and your mind. Through self-discipline you will be able to control your body and mind.

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