Pigeon Pose Yoga Benefits

Pigeon Pose Yoga Benefits

Whatever the news you receive it is still the news. It is your choosing to worry about it that is the difficulty for you. The graphic is true, it will steal your joy. It will make you unhappy.

Try to consciously get out of this habit of worrying about matters in your life, try the following techniques:

1. Talk to someone else about the matter. Get a new perspective from them.

2. Look on the internet or in a book for someone who has had a similar problem. Seek their inspiration on how they overcame the problem. Your problem will not be unique, it will have happened in life before.

3. Write down the worst case scenario on paper. Read it and the trash it.

4. Be conscious of your vocabulary and endeavour to use different words in situations, maybe something funny. Instead of “he made me so angry when he said that”, try “I was so miffed when I heard the news”. This replaces “angry” with “miffed”, miffed is a word that makes me smile, angry is much too negative. And secondly you have taken the personality out of the words, replacing “he said that” with “the news”

I believe that these three techniques will help you to overcome worry, and hopefully put you on a path where you do not worry about new events, information, disappointing news etc.

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