Pilates 10 Minute Workout – Top 10 Pilates Moves



Your head, the nape of your neck and your back should form a single straight line. Do not bend
your stretched leg. For a more effective stretch, pull your toes towards you as far as possible.

Muscles required: latissimus dorsi, abdominals, rear leg muscles, buttocks.

Starting position:

Sit on the floor with your back really straight, stretch your right leg out in front of you. Your left leg should be bent, your foot placed inside, against your right thigh. Place your hands on the floor on each side.

Stretch up:

Stretch your arms up in a vertical position. Stretch by straightening your spine as much as possible, without lifting your shoulders. Hold this position as you take a few breaths.

Rock forwards:

Without changing the position of your back, lean forwards, in the direction of your right leg, and place your hands on your knees. Continue to stretch out your back, forwards and upwards, your head in line with your back. Hold this position as you count to 9 or 10.



It is very important to keep your back really straight and your buttocks and abdominals tense.
Watch your breathing. Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times.

Muscles required: abdominals, buttocks, pelvis muscles.

Starting position:

Lie on your back, your legs bent, your feet on the floor. Place your hands on each side, palms down.

Stretch your arms up:

Lift your hands above you. Take a few deep breaths. Your entire back should be resting on the floor, your pelvis anchored into the mat.

Lift your chest:

Breathe in and straighten your chest. As you breathe out, tense your lower stomach muscles and draw your belly button back to keep your back really straight. Relax in this position as you breathe into it.



Imagine that you are slowly placing each vertebra on the floor. Your head should not move but
follow the movements of your spine. Do not hold your breathe. Repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times,
without stopping.

Muscles required: abdominals, back muscles.

Starting position:

Sit on the mat, your legs stretched and place your hands on your knees. Then, bend your legs, keeping your feet firmly on the floor. They should not move as your perform this exercise.


Your back should be really straight. Stretch the top of your head towards the ceiling. Your neck should remain in line with your back. Place your hands behind your knees, so that your are comfortable.

Roll down your spine:

Roll down your back, without lifting your feet off the floor. Start by placing the base of your back, vertebra by vertebra. Then place your dorsal vertebrae, then your neck vertebrae. As you breathe out, roll up again,  straightening yourself.

 Leg stretch


Breathe steadily, following the rhythm of your breathe. Tense your buttocks while stretching your
legs and do not forget to stretch your spine too. Repeat 7 to 8 times.

Muscles required: buttocks, abdominals, hamstrings.

Starting position:

Lie on your back with arms beside your body, bend your legs a little and keep your feet on the floor.

Bring your knees towards your chest:

Lift both your legs, still bent, bending them further, your knees towards your chest. Grab hold of your knees and pull them towards your chest.

Stretch out the nape of your neck and shoulders. Breathe out while performing this movement.

Lift your legs:

Release your legs, place your hands on the mat on each side and stretch both your legs into a vertical position. Breathe in while performing this movement. Your legs should be really straight. If this position is too difficult, bend your legs.

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