Pilates Band Exercises For Abs

Pilates Band Exercises For Abs

We see in Figure 29 that the Fifth Hierarchy still present on the highest three subplanes of the logoic plane is reflected in the lowest three subplanes of the physical. There is also a reflection from causal levels through the astral. The five-pointed star or energy of Venus is upright on plane 1, inverted on plane 7 and dual on planes 3 and 5. It is the work of Mercury to reconcile these dualities, and when complete the whole of the cosmic physical plane could be said to be ‘solarised’.

When the soul encounters the involutionary lives that make up the physical body it is dealing with the equivalent on the human level of the planetary entity. These lives are busy building forms and will not step on to the evolutionary path until a later system when they will become part of the human and systemic etheric bodies respectively.

We could speculate that the failure of the Fifth Hierarchy to achieve full liberation in the last system has the reflexive result in this system of an over-allurement and therefore increased attention upon that which was not due to be solarised until the next system.

We are told that in the third system there will not only be the human and devic evolutions but a “mysterious third evolution” which in this system is involutionary and must be ‘bound back’ until its time has come.78

The planetary entity is the sum total of the involutionary or elemental lives and can be seen operating on both cosmic and systemic levels.

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