Pilates Barrel Exercises

Pilates Barrel Exercises

Within the sphere of manifestation (represented by the violet sphere in Figure 26) there is a dual arising of Spirit and Matter.

The energy of Purpose and the energy of form are both triple. We can see this illustrated in the three energies of Shamballa:

1. Logoic plane pure Life energy sea of fire.

2. Monadic plane Life energy formulated into Purpose.

3. Atmic plane Purpose directed as ‘Will’.

In this second system we are dealing primarily with the Second and Third Aspects of Shamballa force represented by the division into the ‘Registrants of the Purpose’ and the ‘Custodians of the Will’. Purpose is an ‘energy’ the energy of Life itself held on the monadic plane within the ‘Council Chamber’. This energy of Purpose is focused or directed, becoming ‘Will’ upon the atmic plane. Matter is also three-fold:

1. Physical plane pure Matter energy.

2. Astral plane Matter ‘formulated’ into desire.

3. Mental plane desire directed or fixated in ‘thought’.

The duality of Spirit/Matter is the father and mother of manifestation. They are Uranos and Gaia born together from Night. They are two spheres of darkness one the darkness of pure Spirit, the other the darkness of Matter and they do not ‘know’ each other. Each covers eighteen subplanes, and between them are thirteen subplanes of unconsciousness. It is the Second Aspect or the ‘Son’ who must unite them in consciousness. (An esoteric hint here is given about the number 13 representing Jesus and his twelve disciples as well as many other such energetic configurations which illustrate the workings of the Son between the two parents.)

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