Pilates Exercises At Home

Pilates Exercises At Home

For ordinary people, their jobs are their primary contest. For example, worker A, who uses 100% of her energy to do her job, will go home totally exhausted. Then she will probably overeat, thinking that this will restore her energy, but just the opposite happens. She becomes even more tired, does no exercise, and either passively watches TV or goes to sleep. Over time, she is likely to develop chronic pains, become prone to injuries or illness, develop a food addiction, gain weight, and miss workdays. Her 100% gradually declines to 90%, and then to 80%, and so on, until her life is inefficient drudgery.

On the other hand, worker B, who only uses 60% of her energy to do the same job, will recover as she goes along and will always be fresh. In fact, she will have the option of working harder and thereby earning more money or a promotion, or both. When she goes home, she has energy for exercise, is refreshed by eating, and wants to spend active quality time with her family and friends. Clearly, B is stronger than A, recovers faster and more completely, and has a more rewarding life. Over time, she will become even stronger and then she will be able to perform her job with only 50% of her energy, or perhaps even 40%, and her life will be effortless.

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During the part of the day when we are not running or working, we recover in three basic ways: proper exercise, proper nutrition, and relaxation. Proper exercise makes us stronger and more youthful. Proper nutrition replenishes all the nutrients and hormones we have used up. Finally,

If you want to improve your performance of any kind, you must control your rest as well as your work meditation, massage, and hot baths help us to relax during the day and to get a good night’s sleep.

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