Pilates Foam Roller Exercises

Pilates Foam Roller Exercises

We see that the development of the Son or consciousness aspect takes place over the middle three phases in the timeline whether it be rootraces, rounds or solar systems. Strictly speaking this development takes place between individualisation in the third-of-the-third and initiation in the fifth-of-the-fifth of any series.

From the perspective of Matter the time arrow flows forwards Matter becomes self aware, then becomes aware of soul and finally Spirit. From the perspective of Spirit however, it is aware of itself, then of consciousness and finally of Matter. From the perspective of soul however, Spirit and Matter are both present and are realised simultaneously through the expansion of the eternal now.

When dealing with solar systems we must realise that we are in the second system with respect to the development of the ‘Son’, but in the fourth system overall. From the fourth system solar, scheme, chain, round and so forth consciousness expands into the past and the future at the same time. This is why the Third Initiation is the first initiation from the soul’s perspective, although the third from the perspective of the personality. We could classify the seven initiations in the following way:

Personality initiations Soul initiations Monadic initiations

The Third and Fifth Initiations are dual in the sense that the identity is in the process of transferring between one three-fold identification and another.

The aim of development during the ‘Son’ cycle of initiations is to expand consciousness throughout the seven planes in space and throughout the seven systems in time.

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