Pilates Reformer Exercise List

Pilates Reformer Exercise List

Estimate how many pounds of fat you will gain per week and how many pounds of muscle you will lose per week. At 1% (.01) of your Ideal Body Weight per week, you will gain 1.1 pounds of fat per week:

Since the time to gain fat is longer than the time to lose muscle, the former is the time you will need to achieve your Ideal Body Weight Proportions. (The bigger number wil always be the time it will take to achieve your Ideal Body Weight Proportions.)

As with so many, after the age of 40 I had gradually added a fair amount of weight to my slight frame. In denial, I had even lied on my driver’s license, subtracting 10 pounds because it made me feel better. At some point, I realized, I had to get help.

When I began the The Happy Body program, Jerzy asked me to do two things: overcome my reluctance and get on the scale, because it was important to know the truth. I also had to put on a bikini and be photographed from the front, the back, and God, help me the side.

I somehow made it through that first appointment and decided to pursue the program 100%. Within eight months, I’d lost 26 pounds. Not long after that, I had touched down on the goal weight of 110 a weight I thought I could never see again, and one I thought Aniela and Jerzy had been crazy to expect I could achieve.

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