Pilates Roller Exercises

Pilates Roller Exercises

Michael lost 45 pounds of fat, gained 15 pounds of muscle, doubled his strength, became pain-free, slept soundly, and woke up fully refreshed. His posture improved, even when he was performing surgery, so he expended less energy on each operation and could now easily perform two a day again.

Susan, another client, is a part-time college teacher. She works too little and recovers too much. When she first came to us, at the age of 42, our first impression of her was that she was depressed. She told us that she never liked to exercise, and even the idea of exercise was repugnant to her. What she loved to do was go to concerts and museums, read blogs, meditate, and go to fine restaurants.

As her dress size got bigger and bigger, she became weaker, and her life gradually became more passive. She stayed home more and went out less. Worst of all, she was constantly feeling exhausted, which she blamed on her weight.

When we measured her, we found that, at 5’5″and 129 pounds, 39% (50.3 pounds) was fat and 61% (78.7 pounds) was lean mass. At her height, her Ideal Body Weight should have been 119 pounds with 13% (15.5 pounds) body fat and 87% (103.5 pounds) lean mass. Thus, she needed to lose 34.8 pounds of fat and gain 24.8 pounds of lean mass.

We told her that because she didn’t exercise, she was losing muscle mass, and that was the cause of her exhaustion, not the excess pounds of fat.

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