Pilates Workout Exercises

Pilates Workout Exercises

Hygiene for the Spine

For good posture, all weightlifters end their training sessions by decompressing their spines. Normally they do this by hanging upside down, suspended from gravity boots (Figure 2.19). Because this is very difficult and dangerous for the average person, we recommend you use an inversion table (Figure 2.20). To fight the forces of gravity, daily decompression is crucial.

Finance, but on the scale, not so much. I spent nearly a decade as a venture capitalist. Through the highs and lows, the dotcom boom and subsequent bust, the only thing that seemed sure to go up was my weight. The years of busy lifestyle, family, travel and stress had packed 40 extra pounds on my body. I was an expert in every diet out there and even did a fair bit of walking, but as soon as I would lose some weight, I’d gain it back and then some.

One morning I got on the scale and hit a new high. At 190 I weighed more than I had a decade before when I was 9 months pregnant. Cursing myself, I vowed that by my 50th birthday only months away I would fit into my skinny jeans again. I knew what I needed was a way to permanently change my life so that I could lose weight and keep it off.

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A friend of mine said that one of her other friends had lost sixty pounds on The Happy Body program. I checked out the website and liked what I saw, so I decided to take the plunge.

What I love about Jerzy and Aniela is they help you figure out how to strike a balance between what you love to eat and drink and how you need to tweak it to reach your goals. They were able to help me add some new foods into my life (hemp bread with almond butter who knew?) and get rid of the high-calorie, low- benefit foods. The things I love, like chocolate and wine, they showed me how to incorporate smaller amounts and still stick to my plan.

Jerzy and Aniela are like high priests of the power of muscle. They are gorgeous living testaments to what weight training can do to a physique. What I love about their exercise routine is that it addresses all the major muscle groups as well as incorporating flexibility and posture-enhancing movements too. And, it can be done at home or on the road with very little investment in equipment.

So far, I’ve stayed within about a five-pound range since I reached my Happy Body goal. As for my stats: I’m down 40 pounds of fat and up 10 pounds of muscle; I went from a size 14 to a size 8. I’ve learned to enjoy strength training I do their exercise routine almost daily and find that by doing so I can maintain the strength and flexibility benefits, as well. I don’t think much anymore about “diets.” I’ve found a way to live that keeps me happy and keeps my body in a good place.

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