Pose Yoga Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya I

The market dynamics of yoga

As modernist postural yoga in the West hit the mass market in the 1990s an enormous new market opened up. The logic of commodification became even more transparent. Commodification means among other things that each supplier will try to make his/her product slightly different in order to attract clients – product diversification. The 1990s witnessed the addition to yoga of dance, hip-hop music, martial arts, Pilates, bum-and-tummy-exercises, high room temperatures – new yoga forms never seen before!

It is the job of marketing executives to create new markets by packaging their products with other attractions. In similar ways yoga has been packaged with fitness holidays combined with retreats to tropical beauty spots or Mediterranean beaches. Into this package are often added other products like massage, Tai-chi, Ayurveda, adventure trips, Reiki healing, and vegetarian food (Lau 2000).

Place your right foot on the chair seat, with the Pose Yoga Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya I knee and foot pointing straight forward from the hip. Firm your legs and spinal muscles. Pose Yoga Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya I Widen your sitting bones apart, tilting the top of the pelvis forward slightly. Move the left top thigh back, and resolve to keep it there as you proceed. Lengthen the tailbone down; add tone and lift your lower abdomen. Place your right hand on your hip and your left hand on your right knee. Inhale, stretch up through your spine, and root down through the left. leg.

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