Pregnancy Water Exercises

Pregnancy Water Exercises

Chapter Two Macrocosm

Fire is not an element but a divine thing. Fire is Divinity in its subjective presence throughout the universe.51

Agni has a particular relationship to the cosmic mental plane but his activity is not confined to this plane. He is the pervasive Life behind the whole of the solar manifestation it is this Life which coheres the three solar systems in time and the three lower cosmic planes in space. He synthesises all lesser lives within the solar ring-pass-not.

In order to grasp something of the synthetic nature of this being we must step outside our linear developmental view of the planes and the systems. We are used to thinking of the three solar systems as evolving over time the first system is past, we are just past the middle of the second system and the third system is in the future. And so they are, manasically considered. And yet they all exist at once, now. This is the buddhic perspective. The Hierarchical lives that function on the planes progress sequentially, mastering the system subplane by subplane. And so they do. And yet their essential nature is fire that fire which is also the planes which they are mastering and the reason behind their intent.

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The paradox is that when we stand in the Presence of this our God who is a consuming fire all distinctions are experientially lost and yet there they are, laid out before us in exquisite order.

DK gives a wonderful definition of the intuition as “the applied power of transfiguration ’.52 Transfiguration is simultaneously the infusion of the personality with the life of the soul and the liberation of identity from the personality. Outside the personality the soul is able to see clearly into the personality because it no longer has any confusion between the self and the not-self.

We do not seek through understanding to go deeper into manas, we seek to release ourselves from it through revelation as to its true nature. This revelation simultaneously frees us from the manasic perspective and allows the intuitive faculty to work more powerfully from our essential nature.

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