Reverse Warrior Pose Yoga

When the water is calm, the whole reflection of the sky and clouds appears distinctly and the depths of the water are translucent and clear.

Reverse Warrior Pose Yoga Jane Hope, The Secret Language of the Soul St. Francis of Assisi taught that the aim of meditation in the tradition of formless meditation in Christian mysticism is to achieve a loving, simple, and permanent attentiveness of the mind to divine things.

Certain Christian mystics, such as St. John of the Cross, also used meditation as a path to join the presence of God. In order to attain freedom of the soul, it was necessary for the mystics to liberate themselves from the impediment and fatigue of ideas and thoughts. With its roots in the mud, the lotus flower raises itself through the muddy water to reveal its beauty floating clearly on the water’s surface.

Because of this, this flower symbolizes the rising of the soul from a confusing and selfish place to one of enlightenment.

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