The great stretching debate continues, thanks to new research out of Canada published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. Up until the ’90s, researchers believed that static stretching (while you’re at rest) helped increase flexibility and performance while decreasing the risk for injury.


Then we were told to forget the static and go the dynamic route (stretching while you move). But for 2019, the recommendations are undergoing yet another makeover static’s back in style, as long as the stretching is part of a longer warm-up that includes aerobic activity, dynamic stretching and sport¬specific activities.

“If the integrity of the body, and connection between the mind and the body position, are established prior to any movement or position change, static and/or dynamic stretching may be appropriate depending on the intention of the session, goals, etc.,” says PS Advisory Board member Dawn-Marie Ickes, MPT, PMA-CPT, owner of Evolve Integrative Wellness PT & Pilates.

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