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Top London PT Laura is passionate about strength training and encouraging women to lift weights. As a group exercise coach (and qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer) at The Foundry (, she loves how this gym aims to help everyone who aspires to having strength of mind, body and attitude, regardless of their training history, gender, strengths or limitations.

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Laura has even created a group concept called LIFTED, a mix of strength and conditioning, to show people that when working in a group, and given the right coaching, they can lift with confidence and do what they didn’t think was physically or mentally possible.

Sound good? Ben Gotting has created an effective workout (opposite), including Laura’s top moves to develop strength and burn fat. This workout uses the concept of peripheral heart action (alternating working different areas of the body so you rest one set of muscles while you push another). The slow tempos mean you’ll build up lactic acid, producing lots of growth hormone and, in turn, torching fat.’ Aim for four rounds.

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