The tree is a legend in all cultures. It reaches to universal heights in mythology— becoming the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge, the Cosmic Tree. And it reaches right into the roots of our individual consciousness to our very personal histories with trees…

When you do Tree Pose, allow a favorite tree to arise in your mind or see which tree memories want to speak. Find out what the tree wants to tell you—about your life, about your knowledge, about your relationship to the cosmos.


Savasana, the ground zero

“The corpse pose is typically done at the end of the practice session; however, beginning the class with Savasana allows students to release their body, to empty themselves of muscular tension, and to drop via gravity, into the Earth.” – Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little, p. 10. Savasana is a pose in which the body is fully supported, resting horizontally, so that a profound stillness can penetrate inside. Lie on your back; allow your feet and legs to turn slightly to the sides. Your arms are at your sides with your palms facing up. Remain in this posture until your heart and pulse rates are quieted. To facilitate this, create a feeling of peace and relaxation. Mentally take this feeling to each of the major body parts: feet, calves, thighs, haunch, abdomen, stomach, forearms, upper arms, chest, neck, face, forehead, and the top of the head.

“In light of the itinerant, fast-paced, and highly mobile society we live in today, establishing a sense of ground through the feet is valuable. Generating stability and support through the bones and connective tissues of the feet can help regulate [the] nervous system, increase circulation, and improve respiration. The earthward rooting of the foundation of the body can help bring composure in the face of difficulty, whether it is a fragmented family, a health crisis, a failing marriage, or a precarious economy. ”8

Tree of life meditation

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. You can use a chair if you’d like, or you can sit on the ground. Bring your awareness onto each and every breath. Begin lengthening your inhalations and lengthening your exhalations. Feel your body and mind beginning to relax. Bring your attention to the base of your spine. Imagine that with each breath, you’re stretching a root or roots down into the Earth. Feel your root go through the surface of the grass or cement, then further into the rich, dark soil that blankets the planet. Feel the coolness of the Earth as you go deeper, moving away from air and light. With each breath, allow your root to go ever deeper, through fresh, underground springs and deep-water tables. Soon you come to the Earth’s hard crust. Here, space opens for your root to reach through and toward the heart of our planet. Notice any thoughts, sensations, or images that come to you as you travel on this inner journey. You don’t need to judge these, just observe them and let them pass. Keep breathing as your root moves into the mantle. You may begin to feel the heat coming from the Earth’s outer core as you move toward the molten core. Sit for a moment and bask in your deep connection to the Earth. Feel how grounded and centered you are.

When you’re ready, begin drawing energy from the center of the Earth into your root. With each breath, draw up the power of stability, grounding, and love. See the energy rise through the Earth’s layers – slowly with each breath – until it reaches the base of your spine. As the energy reaches the top of your head, imagine it bursting forth like the branches of a tree. Sit for a few more minutes, basking in your connection to both Earth and Sky. When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

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