Water Cardio Exercises

Water Cardio Exercises


Coming from a background in radar and physics, and while working on electromagnetic effects in enzymes and living systems, I became involved in the diagnosis and therapy of patients hypersensitive to their electromagnetic environment. This led to research on the physics of water, its memory for frequencies, and the use of dowsing as a scientific instrument; the results led to a basis for homeopathy and acupuncture. Frequency was the relevant parameter throughout. Acupuncture meridians have characteristic frequencies naturally present on them Where there’s a connection to the autonomic nervous system (ANS), additional frequencies characteristic of the ANS appear. The presence of these frequencies in the whole body field of a person indicates which systems are under stress. A study of techniques for writing, reading, and erasing frequencies in water gave results of practical value. Logic-gate operations with frequency were shown to be possible in spatial arrangements of water and sensitive enough for nerve impulse trains to control biocomputing. Theoretical work cited predicts domains of phase coherence as a normal property of water. Measurements involving these suggest that the Emoto ice-crystal patterns may start on coherence domains and indicate frequency patterns within.


Since 1973, I’ve been involved in experimental research on the interactions of electromagnetic fields with biomaterials and living systems. This included my cooperation with the late Professor Herbert Frohlich, FRS, a theoretical physicist at Liverpool University whose centenary was celebrated recently. One early conclusion from this work was that there were unusual magnetic field effects in water and in living biological systems and that these were only explicable in terms of 20th-century physics, not 19th-century physics. These effects involved highly complex systems that could become interconnected through sharing frequencies that had become synchronized in phase (that is, become coherent). This could happen over distances that might span many molecules; but, as we were dealing with quantum systems, distance might be an irrelevance.


My involvement in the diagnosis and therapy of patients hypersensitive to their electromagnetic environment began in 1982 at the request of Dr. Jean Monro in London. Working with her electrically hypersensitive patients and those of Dr. W. J. Rea in Dallas, Texas, gave me an insight into the extremes of sensitivity and speeds of reaction of hypersensitive patients whose regulatory systems had failed, particularly when they were exposed to electromagnetic fields and frequencies.

Such patients have a long history of ongoing hypersensitivities to many chemicals and/or foods and particulates. They may react within seconds to something in their surroundings to which they happen to be hypersensitive. This includes their electromagnetic environment; and here, frequency is the important factor. Any frequency (from circadian rhythms to light) may be clinically significant.

One important result from this clinical work was finding that the effects on patients of environmental electromagnetic fields, chemicals, or homeopathic potencies could be reproduced with frequency-imprinted water. For example, water in flame-sealed glass ampoules was imprinted with frequencies through the glass with no possibility of any chemical contamination. Patients reacted to this even if the water was frozen. This showed us that the basis of homeopathy must be frequencies in water.

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The frequencies that affect these patients are often those that occur naturally on the acupuncture meridians. These are rather like microwave links running through the body originating as coherence between adjacent cells in the embryo. Enough water remains in a specimen of a tissue even after staining and fixing as a microscope slide for frequency measurements to be made, and these correlate well with the natural frequencies found on the acupuncture meridians (and chakras) regarded by Traditional Chinese Medicine as connecting to these organs. Chemicals (except 100 percent halogen-saturated ones) have a characteristic frequency signature resulting from their interaction with traces of hydrogen-bonded water.


Preparata and Del Giudice at the University of Milan did a theoretical investigation of the properties of coherence in condensed matter which is anything that’s not a gas. Their model for water is the same as for all other coherent condensed-matter systems. Namely, there are two parts: one incoherent, comprising water molecules oscillating at random (as in steam, but more densely packed); and the other coherent, consisting of domains of coherence, within which all the water molecules oscillate synchronously (in phase) with the frequency of a very large electromagnetic field that develops spontaneously within the domain. This resembles what happens in the laser, but it doesn’t need any energy “pumping.” Predictions from their theory are in good agreement with the experimentally determined values for physical constants of liquid water.

The “classical electromagnetic field” is the basis of electronics and radio; it describes oscillations whose phase is well defined (coherent) but for which the number of particles (quanta, photons) carrying the energy is undefined. A “quantum field” has uncertainty in both its phase and the number of particles involved, and this uncertainty is determined by the Heisenberg Relation. The more the uncertainty is taken up by fluctuation in the number of particles, the more perfect the phase coherence becomes.

For any wave, its velocity of propagation equals its frequency multiplied by its wavelength. Within a coherent system such as water, the range of the coherence (coherence length) becomes the constant quantity instead of the velocity. This makes frequency proportional to velocity apparently without restriction, so long as one remains within the coherence length. Such a system can support many velocities (even greater than the velocity of light) with frequencies in proportion; and because these no longer have absolute values, the system has become fractal. The same patterns and effects can occur in many different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s this that connects frequencies characteristic of chemical, technical, and biological systems together. If there weren’t a duality between the chemical bond and frequencies, spectroscopic analysis would be impossible. This is why a pattern of frequencies can mimic a chemical exposure for hypersensitive patients and trigger their reactions.


Clinically significant information can be imprinted into a vial of water by succussion, which is sharply banging it on a surface. This is what creates a homeopathic potency. Frequency information from a patient’s body can be collected similarly, and this often reveals stress on acupuncture meridians.


Imprinting can occur through the glass of a vial containing water by immersing it in frequency-imprinted water. Otherwise, water placed near a source of frequencies (an oscillator and coil, or a chemical or a potency) can be imprinted by a strong magnet or a toroid (ring) of a ferrite material. A sequence of seven voltage pulses will also make an imprint; a mobile phone may do this on dial-up.

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