Water Exercises For Knees

Water Exercises For Knees


When Mark and Melissa fell in love, they felt like soul mates. They were so grateful for having found each other that they decided to marry at Thanksgiving and asked me to plan their wedding. A simple water ritual at the heart of the ceremony provided everyone with the opportunity to give the couple a special blessing. A large pitcher of water stood next to an empty bowl. One by one, friends spoke words of blessing, pouring water from the pitcher into the bowl as they did so.

At the end of the ritual, the bowl was filled with clear, sparkling water containing all the blessings. The couple poured some of the water into two goblets and, looking into each other’s eyes, drank it, while I spoke of how these mingled blessings would strengthen their love. They took the rest of the water home with them, bottled some of it to freeze and drink on their first anniversary, and poured the remainder into the garden they’d planted together.

You can adapt this ceremony for births, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, memorial services, and other life transitions. Use it to create blessings and prayers for harmony, world peace, or for any other intention a group wishes to express.

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