Water Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Water Exercises For Lower Back Pain


After researching Viktor Schauberger for a couple of years, we were convinced that he had something very important to impart to humanity. Sadly, not a lot of work has been carried out in the last few decades on developing practical applications for his ideas. So we started full-time research in September 1997 and developed an implosion machine. In this machine, water is made to form very powerful vortices. We found that water undergoing this process of implosion was developing a rhythmically pulsating field of energy, which comprised the full spectrum of etheric colors. During this process, it was brought back to its natural vibrant energetic state and regained its life force. This energetic charge turned out to be permanent and didn’t diminish after the implosion process was completed.

We further discovered that when filled into particular shapes, this imploded water transferred its energy to samples of ordinary non-energized water until they reached the same level of charge as the imploded water. The imploded water was resonating ordinary water in a similar fashion to the way one tuning fork picks up the vibrations of another, the difference being that on the etheric level, the vortical dynamics and vibrations are perpetual.

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After building the implosion machine, we developed a spiraling copper device called the “Vortex Energiser,” in which we filled our imploded water. We found that placing this Vortex Energiser onto the domestic water mains resonated the tap water flowing past, thereby charging it up with life force or etheric energy. The benefits of energizing ordinary tap water in this way are varied: The clarity and taste of the water improve the water is more palatable and less hard; the taste and smell of chlorine are much reduced or even eliminated; lime-scale deposits become soft and are eventually removed; bathing in energized water is a reviving experience, leaving skin supple and soft; fresh food and cut flowers washed with or placed in the water last longer.

Perhaps most important, by reclustering water and at the same time energizing it in this way, we believe that we’re superimposing a natural vibrational pattern onto a pattern of man-made contaminants, thereby deleting the memory of the water’s abused past.

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