Water Pilates Exercises

Water Pilates Exercises

Into the Exercise (positive lift)

Step 1: Place a dumbbell on the floor. Lie down face up with the dumbbell above your head, and take one end in each hand. Inhale deeply, then tighten your abdominal and buttocks muscles as you rotate your ankles and curl your toes toward your face.

Step 2: While holding your breath, lock your elbows and lift your arms straight up directly above your chest.

Step 3: Pause, stretch your arms further toward the ceiling, and hold.

Out of the Exercise (negative lift):

Step 4: In one continuous movement, release the stretch, return the dumbbell to the floor above your head, exhale as you unrotate your ankles and uncurl your toes, and release the tension in your abdominal and buttocks muscles.

Timing & Repetition

The total movement should take at least 10 seconds: 2 seconds for the inhale; 1 second for lifting the dumbbell; 1 second for the pause; 1 second for the stretch; 1 second for the hold; 2 seconds for lowering the dumbbell; and 2 seconds for the exhale and release. Repeat the exercise 6 times, which should take at least 60 seconds.


This exercise has two purposes. First, it will strengthen your pectoral and lattissumus dorsi muscles (“lats”). Second, it will enhance the flexibility of your pectoral, rib cage, and shoulder muscles.

Levels of Difficulty

Level 1: Perform step 1d (elbows bent so that the dumbbell touches the top of the head), and then steps 2-4.

Level 2: Perform step 1c (elbows bent), and then steps 2-4.

Level 3: Perform step 1b (elbows slightly bent), and then steps 2-4.

Level 4: Perform step 1a (elbows unlocked), and then steps 2-4.

Level 5: Perform steps 1-4.

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