Yin Yoga To Deeply Relax The Mind And Body

New-gen hybrid classes

Classes that bring two exercise disciplines together have been around for yonks but, this year, the pairings are set to take on a significance that goes beyond fitness. Psycle London’s new Revival class: a ‘half workout, half release’ session, combines power flow yoga to get you fired up and sweating, and yin yoga to deeply relax the mind and body.

As we become increasingly time poor, fusion classes can help bring a mission to workouts, other than improving our bodies. ‘2019 will see a move towards fitness with a motive, as we realise we can get greater motivation to exercise when we’re invested in the reason behind it,’ says Keith McNiven, founder of PT company Right Path Fitness (rightpathfitness. co.uk).

McNiven expects to see more classes with an eco-theme, such as plogging – a mix of ‘jogging’ and ‘plocka’, the Swedish for ‘to pick’ -where you collect rubbish while running, and an increase in workouts to help us find love while exercising, such as his new speed-dating exercise concept, Date-ercise, that lets you meet a new training partner (and potential love interest) at every circuit station, before getting to know them better after over healthy cocktails.

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Those 12-month gym memberships to a single gym are looking a little old-fashioned and restrictive now.

Pay-as-you-go online fitness platforms such as Esquared (esq2. com), RIG (rig-fitness.com), and ClassPass (classpass.com) usher in a new era of contractless fitness. Freeing you from the confinement of using just one gym or studio, these multi-access services offer a huge variety of workouts at the click of a button, ranging from classic circuit training and yoga sessions to sports-based activities such as bouldering and boxing.

Not not to be outdone, savvy chains such as Virgin Active are getting in on the action too, now offering access to their facilities via MoveGB, the UK’s largest fitness platform (movegb.com), which has over 300,000 users and more than 6,000 physical-activity providers. The secret of pay-as-you-go fitness providers’ success is variety, with research from MoveGB revealing that people who visit multiple venues to exercise are four times more likely to be active six months after starting than those who visit single gym venues. Not tried one of these services yet? Make 2019 the year you give it a go, and prepare to take your workouts to exciting new levels. Almost all these services work on a monthly subscription basis, with ClassPass subscription starting from £35 per month and London membership for MoveGB around £16.99 per week.

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