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I hate to say it but women have always lagged behind men when it comes to sports participation. Nothing highlights this better than the 2020 ‘This Girl Can Research from Sport England, which reported that two million fewer women aged 14-40 play sport compared to men.Two million.The sports world hasn’t exactly helped.Women didn’t compete in the Olympic Games until 1900 (and that was only 22 women!). Then we had to wait until 1984 to partake in a women-only marathon.Women’s football wasn’t included until 1996, weightlifting followed in 2000 and wrestling was added to the list in 2004. And it was only in the last Olympics four years ago that women could finally take part in boxing! Fortunately, the tides are turning. A Recent announcement from Sport England Shows that the number of women and girls who play sport and take part in physical activity once a week, every week, has gone up by 261,200 to 7.12 million in just a year.Amazingly, in just 12 months, the gender gap in sport has reduced from two million to 1.6 million. So, as we look towards Rioto watch the GB women compete for their country, remember that they’re also competing for their gender. Taking part in sports that were once off the schedule for women, today’s female athletes will be inspiring a generation of girls to be more active. And, however many medals they win, that’s something to celebrate. Think of that as you’re watching the TV this August.

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There are plenty of reasons to aspire to get fit this August – a horde of summer races,the prospect of wearing a bikini, or just because it’s so much more enjoyable to exercise in the warm and sunny outdoors. A target fitness or weight-loss goal can do wonders for your fitness, but the goal needs to follow a few key points if it stands any chance of success. Here’s how to turn your goal into a SMART goal.

Specific – define your goal. For example, do you want to run a 10k, do a triathlon or lose a stone?

Measurable – state an actual weight, time or distance.

Attainable – make sure your goal is challenging, but not too easy or too hard.

Realistic – don’t bite off more than you can chew. For example, aim to lose 1lb per week rather than a stone.

Time-bound – choose a specific event/date for your goal and write it in the diary.


Sarah has been learning all about exercise motivation on the Future Fit Training Behaviour Change Coach course ( inactivity is a national problem – it costs the English economy £8.3 billion a year – yet just six percent of men and four per cent of women meet Government Activity guidelines. Why do so many of us continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle when it increases the risk of diseases including coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes,breast cancers and colon cancers? Because adopting an active lifestyle can be daunting. Boosting your workout motivation can help. Three key areas influence your fondness for fitness: finding an enjoyable place to exercise, overcoming negative attitudes and setting a goal will all increase your workout mojo!

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