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ADVANCED Supine Ball Wall Roll BENEFITS: This is a fun Yoga poses 7 chakras exercise, but it’s tough, too! You’ll really need to engage your core muscles to Yoga poses 7 chakras keep the ball and your body steady! Lie on the floor, both feet firmly pressing into the ball. Roll the ball up the wall as your body rolls up off floor, one vertebra at a time, until your weight is on your shoulders. If that hurts your neck, don’t roll up so far. Roll ball and back down. Repeat 2 times, working your way up to 5 times. 72 INTERMEDIATE Uncrunches on the Ball BENEFITS: Creates a strong powerhouse and a flat front torso. Lie with your back on the ball, arms stretched out behind you. Bring your hands behind your head, elbows out to the sides.

So this chapter is about conditions – what was possible and what was not possible at the time yoga emerged. The chapter is directed towards the voices who throughout history for various ideological and cultural political reasons have claimed that yoga represents an ancient tree – so old that it and its specialists float over history and time and should be respected accordingly. At the end of the chapter, having left such discussions behind, we can then in the following chapters begin to look at the specific processes and conflicts which enabled yoga to surface – first as cultural practices and ideas without a name (which I hence call proto-yoga) and then with the yoga name – which I categorise as early-yoga.

This chapter comes with a warning. A major part of this chapter investigates a range of technical and historical notions, institutions and social groups that are essential for understanding Indian society until at least the Middle Ages. Many unfamiliar concepts have to be clarified and illuminated, if the reader is to have a cultural sociological understanding of what enabled yoga to emerge. This means that my argument sometimes moves forward slowly. Armed with some patience however the reader will be able to contemplate a time and society very fascinating and different from our own times.

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