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The systematisation and inclusion of the hatha-yoga

The systematisation of the hatha-yoga discourse

Hatha-yoga – defined as a specific set of techniques explicitly designed to manipulate the subtle body with the effect of creating siddhi and jivan-mukti identities – emerged as we have seen between 1100 and1300 AD307. We have already mentioned the Siddha Matsyendra as being one of the creative conceptualisers. In the later Nath tradition it was claimed that it was the Siddha Gorakhnath – often claimed to be the founder of the Kanphata yogis – who brought hatha-yoga discourse to full fruition with concise and comprehensive descriptions of its notions and techniques. Both acclaimed cult founders – Matsyendra and Gorakhnath – are thought by many to have been leaders of early Nath cults worshipping Siva (Mallik 1953). Hence it seems that as hatha-yoga became systematised, it took place within a Saivite milieu importing various energetic Tantric techniques. This leads us to assume that hatha-yoga discourse in its final systematising phase became strongly enveloped in Saivite sign systems. As the hatha-yoga discourse moved into the upper classes there would also be further strong filtering of the original antinomian sexual character.

Many fitness professionals today use the stability ball in lieu of Yoga poses on knees a weight bench to ensure proper form and to recruit the small stabilizing muscles that provide joint Yoga poses on knees support. Working with the stability ball also conditions the mind as well as the body, allowing you to become aware of how you perform any movement, whether dancing or picking up a baby or playing football. This promotes healthy movement, agility, and injury prevention. We’re fortunate to see those brightly colored balls in all sizes gaining popularity in the fitness world. Many well-educated trainers, some of whom also work in the physical therapy field, continue to develop new ways to incorporate the ball into their repertoire. Pilates and Ball Work This is going to sound almost too obvious, but bear with me. If you can’t balance on the ball, then you can’t really do any sort of exercise properly. Being able to balance means the most important muscles of your body your core muscles are strong and capable.

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