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She taught neuro-muscular proprioception. I later studied anatomy Yoga poses photos with her as well. When attending her anatomy courses, it’s mandatory to bring an artists Yoga poses photos sketch book and colored pencils to draw the anatomy that you’re learning to enhance your sensory understanding. She has inspired my ball classes immensely. Hard work and study were important to my education, but so was luck! For example, I was fortunate to be touring in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a show when I met Joan Briebart of the Physical Mind Institute in 1991. It was at that moment I knew my life was to remain in this field. She had also studied with Joseph Pilates, only she had become an editor in publishing, not a dancer. Joan is a forward thinking genius in business with an appreciation for what Pilates did for her.

So her Kundalini (divine energy) appears in the midst of a discourse of pumping fluids. We can here identify old (like pranayama) and new (like bandha) techniques signified by a variety of subtle body discourses – sometimes divine, sometimes fluid.

Others within the Tantric subtle body discourse, offering new techniques, were cults like the Trika Kaulia, who claimed they were able to prompt Sakti – i.e. Kundalini – to arise from the base of the spine to merge with Siva in the head. This was again achieved through and by the subtle body. These radical groups probably used various antinomian Tantric techniques to work on a subtle body seen to house divine entities305.

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