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A Little Bit About Me As far back as I can Yoga poses pigeon remember, my favorite pastimes consisted of anything that required physical activity, whether taking ballet and Yoga poses pigeon tap dancing at age five, playing a competitive sport, riding a horse on the beach, or simply working in the garden with my grandfather. Sunday afternoons were regularly spent singing and dancing or choreographing silly skits with friends after church in my parents’ basement. I managed to convince my parents to accept and fund my desire to become a professional dancer, and I just knew I would succeed against all the odds they continuously reminded me of. I am fortunate that my family lives in a Long Island suburb very close to New York City so I could study there throughout my youth.

My intense passion and focus on dance allowed me to be accepted into a performing arts high school, like the Fame school, where half of my school day was spent studying ballet, several modern dance techniques, musical theatre, and Pilates. I had been exposed to a variety of techniques while in high school and looked at several universities that had excellent dance departments. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center was the school most captivating to me. I loved the raw passion of the Horton technique, and when the live drumming was playing for our mandatory African dance class, the energy would put goose bumps on my arms, it was so special.

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