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The ball will roll forward to perpetuate the spinal fluidity. Yoga poses sitting Drop your head down to look at the floor. Press on your hands to help your Yoga poses sitting abs scoop again and roll the ball back, rolling your spine one vertebra at a time from base to skull to a sitting position. Repeat 4 times. If your balance is challenged, keep the ball roll movements small initially. Progress slowly and steadily to gain the best results. 7 Torso Twist on Ball BENEFITS: Releases the side abdominal muscles obliques. Sit on the ball with your arms crossed and your knees and hips in a straight line.

Many widespread cults turned the serpent into a female goddess like naga-mata (the mother serpent) (Brighenti 2001). In the Kula cults worshipping Sakti, the serpent goddess found her way into the divinised human body. Here she slumbered, waiting to be awakened. Her activation and following ascent through the divine body had tremendous implications.

In the beginning she was called the Crooked One – Kubjika – but later took the name Kundalini, who became central to hatha-yoga. So in this fertile dynamic process of various non-Aryan goddess-worshipping religions and Tantric cults like the Kulas and Kramas, we discover many new signs which became central to hatha-yoga. As we can see this social dynamic and its accompanying sign systems – Sakti, mandala, Kundalini, blood sacrifices, chakras, embodied goddesses and the clan hero – had very little to do with the world of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the Mahabharata and the Upanishads of which many today believe hatha-yoga was a natural outgrowth. We have also seen how even the underlying code or habitus had altered: now the symbolic capital was legitimised more by rituals and sexual fluids than by gnosis or ascesis.

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