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Thank you also to Al Amadio, my other attorney, Yoga poses weight loss diet whose kindness got me through a very tough time. Thank you Jacamo at Shishkabob for greeting Yoga poses weight loss diet me with hugs and hummus! On 4-hour work days my big fat Greek diet really works! Finally, an unmeasurable thanks to my Mom, Glory Gillies, who has always made me believe I am special and expects the best from me and who is always there to run my studio and baby-sit.

Thanks to my amazing daughter Cadence, the sunshine of my life, whose personality brightens up any room In closing, thanks to a special person, Dr. Geraldine Costa, whose positive influence continues to give me the strength to face my fears in my life’s journey. Thanks for being my mentor in business, a best friend and fan, and nurturing my personal growth for twenty-one years. Thanks to her husband, Dr. Sydney Cohen, for taking my Pilates class and recognizing my talent when I was still in high school. You were my first private clients who made my success possible.

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