Boost your fitness with Jodie Kidd and her PT Amelie Khellaf-Govett x-supermodel Jodie Kidd knows all about the importance of living a balanced life. After being discovered as a model at the tender age of 15 and catapulted onto the international stage, anxiety eventually forced her to quit.

‘We live in a time when we constantly feel pressure to be perfect and to get it right,’ says Kidd. ‘But it’s all about having a lifestyle that you make work for you, not that you have to conform to. I made it my goal to slow down and spend a bit more time focusing on what’s important.’

Kidd has since found peace balancing her role as a TV presenter with living in the countryside with her son, Indigo, and owning a rural gastro pub. A polo player and racing driver, she’s always loved sport and fitness. And now she’s teamed up with top London PT and nutritionist Amelie Khellaf-Govett to share her discoveries with you in her new book, Balance Your Life: A 6-week eating and exercise plan to a calmer, healthier you (Dorling Kindersley, £16.99).


The plan is devised around three, two-week phases, with meals inspired by Celebrity MasterChef runner-up Kidd’s favourite recipes from the show, plus realistic exercise plans. The first phase rids your mind and body of toxic behaviours and kick-starts your weight loss. The second builds muscle definition and fights stubborn fat, while the third instills lifelong behaviour patterns to help you maintain the fat-burning process and learn how to make the best choices for your health and wellbeing.

Stay in the moment and focus on each movement to make your body work harder and get results quicker.’

‘Speed is of the essence with this workout.

Proceed quickly from one exercise to the next with a 15-second rest between exercises to give you the high level of intensity you need to see great results.’

‘Think about the movements you’re performing and concentrate on the muscles you’re working and engaging.’

‘Make sure you warm up before starting this workout. Cool down and stretch afterwards.’


‘I’ve devised attaining method based on metabolic conditioning, which is a ruthlessly effective way to burn tat while building muscle,’ says Khellaf-Govett. ‘It will improve your flexibility, balance and heart health, and it’s also been proven to regulate hunger hormones. Most importantly, it’s challenging and fun and will make you feel like you can take on anything the day throws at you.’ Here’s a special taster including some of the ‘Ignite’ training moves used in the first phase of the six-week plan.


‘The Ignite workout plan will help kick-start metabolic conditioning, burning fat while building muscle,’ says Amelie. Do each move overleaf for the specified time, resting for 15 seconds between each move, and one minute once you’ve finished all the moves, before doing the whole thing again.

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