Beginning Yoga Poses

Limbering exercises for Yoga

The body that must be ‘limber’ for the practice of Beginner yoga routine is the mental or conceptual body. Just as in physical yoga we move the physical body and open our etheric chakras so that higher energies may work through us, similarly we move our thoughtforms so that they may be refined by higher energies flowing through the abstract mind.

Conscious Dying

A Third Degree initiate is called beginner yoga sequence ‘the conqueror of death’ because he is able to maintain consciously a transition out of the three worlds. Conscious dying is about practicing disinvestment the gradual withdrawal of the inner identity from attachments in the vehicles. Physical attachments may be quite obvious, emotional ones less so but often more potent, and mental attachments even more subtle.

Beginning Yoga Poses Photo Gallery

What concepts, world views or weight loss yoga for beginners ideas are we attached to? How have we reinvested ourselves as souls since our last ‘death’? Are our affairs in order could we abstract if we were called? Would we if we could? Could we leave without leaving? There are many forms of this type of ‘disinvestment contemplation’.

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