Water Exercises For Back Pain

Water Exercises For Back Pain


In our current study of water, especially with Dr. Emoto’s discovery of the effect of thought and prayer upon water crystals, there are two paradigms at work, and they don’t necessarily mix. On the one hand, there’s science, with its reliance on neutral, objective evidence and logical conclusions.

But there’s also the mystical experience of those in touch with natural forces, which defies logical definitions, as its interpretations are both universally applicable and yet subjectively personal.

We know that water holds memory. It’s also the requisite for all life on this planet. Dr. Emoto’s work has demonstrated the effect of our consciousness on water, but what if water isn’t simply the receptively inert medium his studies demonstrate? If it can indeed become altered by the consciousness directed at it, isn’t it also possible that it could contain and project a more evolved consciousness? Certainly I believe that we should include in our studies of water an investigation into the shamanistic practices upheld even today in the more remote areas of the world, where water blessings still hold their power and human understanding isn’t regarded as the pinnacle of awareness.

In our scientific attempts to define and understand matter, we may well have become blind to a direct, more potent way of perceiving the world around us. Can we truly claim to have a fully comprehensive understanding of life without incorporating the experiences of the countless mystics who point to a paradigm beyond intellectual understanding?


My meeting with Margaret Stewart took place in 1998. Much has happened since that time. The council’s plan for the redevelopment of the springs met with years of bitter wrangling. Petitions were signed for and against it. There was strong local opposition, which led to the threat of legal action against the local authority and the developers, but the case was settled out of court. An uneasy truce was established, giving residents priority access and reduced prices to the restored Georgian Cross Bath. Construction work on the project began and Thermae Bath Spa finally opened in August 2006.3 Margaret eventually came around to the idea of the refurbishment of the Cross Bath on the basis that “the Goddess is getting a facelift.”

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Roman baths in Bath, England

The development, which eventually cost $43 million (£23 million), around 50 percent more than its original budget, is certainly impressive. The new spa, the only one in Britain where visitors are able to bathe in naturally heated mineral water, is a combination of new-build and refurbishment. A 1920s swimming pool was demolished to make way for the central cubic structure, composed of glass and the city’s signature yellow stone, and designed by architects Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners.

At the top of the complex is the open-air pool. Below that is a floor with steam rooms containing fluted pillars around a central device where spa goers can walk into a mist of scented steam lit by state-of-the-art fiber optics. There are also treatment rooms, a gym for yoga and Pilates, and a big thermal pool at the bottom.

Healing claims for the waters persist. The Thermae Development Company, Dutch operators of the spa complex, state:

Sufferers [of all ailments], from sports injuries to rheumatic pains, sinus-related ailments to skin problems, will find healing properties in the spa waters. Bath’s reopened spa, taking water from a very pure source, will be a relaxed, sociable environment contributing to the well-being of all users a much-needed resource in today’s very busy and very stressful world.

All the bathing facilities in the spa complex use natural spring water cooled to 91.5°F. Sand filtration, enhanced UV, and minimal chlorine dosing for residual disinfection are the only treatment requirements.

Whether you choose to align to the sacredness of this ancient place or not, the fact remains that it’s once again active in the 21st century, a time when we need all the magic we can get.

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