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We all lead crazy-busy lifestyles, Where We’re forced to juggle responsibilities and somehoW find balance. It’s all too easy to do just enough to get by, neglecting the smaller, seemingly unimportant stuff along the way.


But “the little things” can have a big impact, something that couldn’t be more true when it comes to our practice. The slightest adjustment in alignment, resistance or assistance makes you feel an exercise in a completely new and profound way.

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but in this issue, we’re telling you just the opposite. Minor changes are key to experiencing Pilates in a whole new light, to feeling and, of course, looking better than ever.

In “Unlock the Foot” (page 50) Blossom Leilani Crawford recounts how issues with her feet affected her pelvis; it didn’t take long before she realized that a little foot work goes a long way for total-body health. Cover girl Sara Colquhoun’s “The 10-Minute Mat” workout (page 42) emphasizes joint care, which she says is vital, no matter your age. Although it’s easy to neglect the pelvic floor muscles—they’re hidden, after all!— Karen Armstrong makes a strong case for strengthening them in “Floor It!” (page 64). And finally, there’s Jared Kaplan, who takes you on a Reformer.

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” but in this issue, we’re telling you just the opposite. Minor changes are key to experiencing Pilates in a whole new light, to feeling and, of course, looking better than ever.

Ride in 3-D, switching up the sequencing to make you a smarter mover (“Smart Move,” page 56).

The other day, while we were in our last week of production, I was the only one who showed up to my weekly mat class, so we had some time to work on just me. I’m a “shoulder person”—guilty of tensing them up and stressing my neck—so my instructor guided me through some slow, focused exercises, bringing to light what I needed to do to correct my alignment.

A few days later, I took another weekly class, but this one was a fast¬paced boot camp in the wee hours of the morning. While we were working out, my teacher shouted, “Great form, Bambi!” I loved hearing that, because I knew that it was due to the awareness, those small changes I make on a daily basis because of what I’ve learned with Pilates.

Enjoy the issue—and the small things in life, both in and out of the studio.

See ya on the mat,

Bambi Abernathy editor-in-Chief


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What do you consider to be bad Pilates etiquette?

“When it’s NOT PILATES!” —Keren Patzia

“Group classes with nonstop talking people!” —Erika V. Acosta Duarte

“The studio not dividing up classes [based] on ability. An hour spent doing beginner exercises because one new person signed up is a complete waste of time for the rest of the students.” —Elle Murley

“Not wearing appropriate clothing to your session; either I can’t see enough of your body under all that material, or I see way too much.” Melissa Foo

“Assuming you’ve taken Pilates long enough [that] you’re qualified to teach, obviously without being properly trained to teach.” Denise Maffia

“When clients expect me to train them like its a 1:1 session in a 1:4 studio class. All my students are equally important.” Charlotte Fleming

“Being late. How can someone be so inconsiderate of others and always come in late?” Bogna Sarosiek

“Walking on your carefully placed mats with their outdoor shoes on. Yuck people lie facedown on those!” Rachel Jackson

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“The more precise your movements are, the more effective they will be” (from Courtney

Miller’s “Reform Your Regimen,”

“Agree! In my everyday Pilates routine or in group classes, I always stress how crucial precision is. Better do fewer repetitions in almost slow motion in the rhythm of your breath than do whatever you happen to do fast.” —Natasza Kloc

“Agree…just sometimes excruciating to teach because some clients don’t have the patience…so you work with them and hope there is an ah-ha moment.” Colleen Thompson

“Agree! I have been using this footwork series since last week and find it amazing how deep I can get my clients to work it! Always happy to do and use whatever Courtney Miller wants to share with me.” Lorie Brown

Due to an editing error in “Crusader for Community,” we mistakenly wrote that the first meeting of the PMA was the first time Kathy Grant had met Lolita San Miguel. In fact, it was the first time Mary Bowen had met San Miguel. San Miguel had actually first met Grant in 1958 at Carola Trier’s studio. In 1967, Joseph Pilates certified the two teachers through the apprentice program sponsored by New York State University Department of Vocational Rehabilitation—they’re the only two teachers he certified.

In “Cool Beans,” we incorrectly listed the price for Beanitos Hint of Lime. It’s $3.29 per 6-ounce bag.

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